You’ve Done It! Now To Look Forward…


Well Done You!

Give Yourself a VERY BIG pat on the back – You’ve done it!

As we enter this festive period I felt compelled that my last blog post, before we break out the cheese and crackers, should be one that celebrates YOU and it’s a blog which I think both important and needs saying.

This blog post isn’t the “10 Top Tips” of how to make your Christmas perfect, survive the season, cook your turkey or the best presents of 2018 to buy.

No, this blog is about my festive wish to you, for you.

“Be proud of yourself, of all you have done, of how far you have come and all that you have been in 2018.”

Be sure,  no matter how you choose to spend the Christmas holidays, to take some time to reflect, to reflect on YOU and how much you have achieved in the last 12 months.  I’m betting you’ve done some stuff you’ve forgotten about but has all had an effect on your 2018 – whether it be small, large, groundbreaking or profound.

Most of us start the New Year with anticipation, hopes, dreams, excitement and a  deep bucket list of things to do, try, visit, learn and build – if we are fortunate (and we’ve put in the hard work) we get to make more than a couple of ticks off the long list of our goals, ambitions, personal and professional targets.

I find though, it is the small things which happen throughout the year that we tend to forget about – those small achievements, the unexpected meetings and bringing together of minds, the one-off-acts of kindness, the light-bulb moments, the time someone took to help you accomplish something and the time you suddenly realise all those dots are joining together.


Those are the things you want to remember.  Those are the achievements you want to pat yourself on the back and say “Well Done Me!”

Be proud of what you’ve done in 2018 – No matter how big, or how small, they are YOUR achievements which are a part of YOUR journey. Don’t compare your journey with that of someone else – you don’t know their story.  You know only your story. Your journey.


You know only those small, every day achievements and what they mean to you – such as…

Learning how to use email marketing software package

Going LIVE on Facebook

Finishing a course and gaining a qualification

Starting a blog

Creating a website

Surviving GDPR

Attending a course, conference, networking event that terrified you

Gaining new customers, clients or a new member of your team

Introducing a new service or product to your business 

Learning to say No! Learning to say Yes! Learning how to use your “F**K Budget”

Learning a new technique or skill – from learning your camera to nailing that accountancy software, from learning how to sew to bring mindfulness into your life

Learning from those dreaded mistakes, hurts and feels that you struggled with, wasted time over and debated about that are now but a distant memory

Or even JUST surviving the year and all it has thrown at you

These, and more, are all achievements, achievements to celebrate, be proud of, to own.  You definitely want to give yourself a well deserved “Well Done Me” pat on the back.

For those ideas, dreams and goals you had on your 2018 list that somehow, through one thing and another, didn’t manage to get done or make the final cut – take some time to reflect.

Are they still important to you?

Do they still have a place in your life?

If the answer is yes, add them to your 2019 list with a shrug of C’est la vie and a promise to try a little harder to make it happen.

If they don’t fit into your 2019 plan – then ditch them, throw them out of your life and don’t look back – in anger, sadness nor regret.

In the month of January 2019, here at The Kiwi Social – while we know the importance of goals, targets and KPI’s – we are going to ease gently into 2019 – taking the time to enjoy each day, be in the moment, to celebrate the carefully thought out tiny actions  that will help make your 2019.  It will be about small, achievable, every day tasks and mini, easy to do challenges that you can do, be part of, and take enjoyment from – that will help you build a life and business you love, using Social Media to help you do it.

Without the stress, pressure, hassle and feeling like it is a chore.

I, for one, will be taking some time to reflect, not just on the year gone by but that of the 10 years since we launched the Welshot Photographic Academy – I will be raising a glass of bubbles to myself – thinking of all that has happened since I had an idea… And now looking forward to a HUGE celebration in April 2019

And then, with a smile, a pat on my back, I will look forward to another full year of excitement, learning, friendship and the continuation of building something that I love to do with all my heart – and that is to help people achieve whatever it is they want to achieve in their life and business.

I will also be raising a glass to YOU – and shouting, to the rooftops – Well Done YOU – Be Proud.

Muchly love

lee xx


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  1. Another great read Lee. Well done you my friend! You have inspired me to make sure 2019 is a year I actually cross some of my goals off my list. X

    • Thank You Lynsey – I am so excited for what we will be doing together in 2019 and look forward to see what you do for you and L29 too – Happy New Year 🙂 x

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