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Working Life.

It might have been a Saturday but when you are a small business owner and you had a busy week looking after clients and customers you’ve still got to do the other stuff haven’t you. It doesn’t go away. It just sits there, looking at you.

The admin, the continued professional development, the tweaking of your website and the creating content. It all needs to be done.

And so it is was for Sandra Pierce of Sandra Pierce – Looking Good Naturally – who needed some help with website development, social media management help and content creation inspiration.


When Sandra asked me for some One on One time I knew only to well of the issues faced of not being able to fit everything into what a 9 to 5’er would call a normal working week and also of how valuable one on one time can be for a small business owner.

So, I packed up my kit bag (otherwise known as Welshot Imaging – Photographic Academy on wheels – maybe I need a new one now for The Kiwi Social ) and headed for a day of mind-mapping, brain storming, content creating, and website tweaking – these sessions are obviously designed to help the client but I get so much from them too.

Being in business is lonely affair, sometimes all you need, all you want, is someone to talk to, someone to bounce ideas off with. Someone to give you a little bit of reassurance. Every small business owner needs this – interaction is a major part of helping us to keep our sanity.

Social media, private messages, member only groups, Skype and phone calls all have their place but sometimes, sometimes they just don’t cut the mustard when it comes to needing that personal interaction of laughter, coffee and cake and yes, maybe even tears.

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