• Doors of Opportuity. . What do you see? . Do you see old, unloved, in need of repair, should be replaced, no use to anyone anymore doors. . Or do you see a chance for a fresh new start with who knows what opportunities that lie behind them - With some TLC, hardwork and elbow grease these doors could lead to a magnificent future. . These doors, just like your life, my life, have a past, and our past is what helps to make us what it is today, but it doesn't need to define who we are in the future. . Our lives (and businesses) evolve over time - the idea is to stay open minded about what may come your way - leading to new opportunities. . All you have to do is walk through the door.
  • Feed Your Soul. . Life been feeling like a bit of a roller coaster for the last 8 months, on a non-stop conveyor belt that wouldn't stop. Every time I thought I was coming up for air, catching up or ready to get on with stuff something would happen that would make me have to flex my adaptability muscles. . It's gone by in such a blur and I have NO idea where August went! The BIG consolation is I'm in a lovely new office just in time for what are usually our busiest months within @welshot . Feeling the need for some summer sun, history and culture photography and eating outdoors I asked Nia from Orme Travel to find me a City break. . Today is my second full day, my mind is clear, my notebook is bursting with ideas, my camera memory cards are full and I've probably got a new Welshot Adventure plotted and planned for 2020. . Most of all... I'm content, happy, rested and raring to get stuck into the last quarter of 2019 and finish with a bang. . City escapes energise me, there's no denying it. . What makes you full of vim and vigour?
  • It's National Book Day. . I LOVE to read. Everything. All the books. . Autobiographies are my fave but I love them all. . I reckon #nationalbookday was made for me - I need not be told twice to visit a bookstore. . What was the last book you read? . What are you reading right now? . I'm reading Enterprise Within at the moment and it's all to do with a very special reason why. . I'm about to announce a @facebook LIVE - Let's Get Social with Rebecca Jones of @redshoebizwoman where I will be interviewing her about her business and how she's showing us all how "Stretchy Thinking" can help us to take on a more enterprising mind-set in our businesses. . I'd love to know what you are reading right now, especially as today is #nationalbookday2019
  • Where It All Began. . Can you remember the first time you had your idea? Or has your idea morphed into many things over time you can't pin point an exact time and place you had your original idea? . Can you remember the day you suddenly had the thought and said to yourself "I'm going to do this..." . Have you ever had any pivotal moments and experienced that "YES!" feeling - the feeling that gives you a sense of freedom and makes your heart smile and dance? . I'd love to know how, when and why you started on your journey and adventure of building a life and business you love. . How did it all start for you?
  • September. . It's like a brand new start. Along with January it's my favourite month of the year. . It's a prelude to October which is my fave Season of the year - Autumn. . September, like January always seems full of promise - there is still four whole months to the year and anything seems possible. . I set myself a goal a few months ago and despite the curve balls and every day life I made it with a few days to spare and this week lots of lovely One to One sessions are taking place - helping people with a dream of starting a business of their own, get started. . The first "Let's Get Social" chat from the couch will be announced tomorrow and a whole host of new features to the website and in our Online @ The Kiwi Social FB Group will be taking shape. . How's your 2019 shaping up? Have you achieved what you'd planned? Have you got some catching up to do? Or have you revised your "To Do List" and changed direction completely? . I'd LOVE to know what's going on with you - comments on a postcard welcome or just below in the comments to will be just fine. . Muchly love.
  • Live Your Life. . Find a something you love to do and you will never work a day in you life again.
  • Three weeks in and I'm LOVING my new office space at @16trinitysquare in Llandudno. . I'm enjoying the routine of office life again, I'm getting used to the travelling - my schedule and routine is falling into place and its having a lot of positive benefits, work and personal. . I'm also loving the "Space" itself - I've got room to move, take photos, spread out and, most importantly, I've got room to show of my "Props" and bits and pieces.
  • How Much Do You Love What You Do?
  • What Is It That You Want To Do? . Do you want to learn something? . Do something? . Build something? . Do you have a yearning to try something new? . Do you want to change what you are doing? . Do you want to create something? . Have you always wanted to...? . There is no magic formula. No special secret sauce. . To do something you just have to start. . What will you start today that in 12 Months time you will be asking yourself why didn't you just start earlier?
  • Do What You Have To Do. . Working Today? . Me and @welshot are doing one more load to the new office today - that means all the heavy furniture and the important kit will be in our new home ready to forge ahead. . It would have been SO easy to have had a lazy three day bank holiday but when September comes my future self will be thanking me for making that while the sun shines. . I actually love working while others are playing and relaxing - I love being able to potter but be productive - it's a great chance to work ON the business instead of IN the business. . I'm loving my new home - this is the view out of my dormer window and I can smell the sea from beyond the church. . A walk will probably be on the cards today too. . What have you got happening today?

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