• It has been ONE of those days. . You know the ones, NO MATTER how much you plot, plan, prepare and don't procrastinate you just can't make the day work! . I did get my walk and a healthy lunch into the schedule though. . How was YOUR day? . Did you make it work?
  • It's A Soggy Sunday. . Coffee, books, naps, pencils and notebooks are the order of the day. . Thinking. Thoughts. Reflecting. Refreshing. . I'm itching to get back into the office and prepare for the very busy week ahead but I'm taking sometime out just to be.
  • All You Can Do Is Do Your Best. . I'm back from a 4 night @welshot Photographic Academy Does... Rome Adventure and as I always do I wonder if we could have done more, or done things a bit differently. . This was a "Fact Finding" adventure - to see if it will work as a future Welshot event and we certainly challenged our delegates. . When you are trying "New' stuff within your business it's always going to be trial and error - feedback is essential and testing stuff a necessity. . But at the end of the day, all you can do is throw yourself into the task, make every effort you can and do your best. . No one can ask anymore of you.
  • Find Your Tribe. . One of the most important things you can do when you are in business is to find your tribe. . A group of people with a common interest. A mutual understanding of your niche, your community, your industry. . That way you will always have a sounding board when the going gets tough, people to laugh with and knowledge, LOTS of knowledge share.
  • There is a story about exceptional service behind this Tiramisu. . On recommendation from our hotel ( @marcellaroyalhotel ) 10 hungry Welshotters trotted off towards the end of our restaurant heavy street ( which is good for us ) on which our hotel is located - La Bottega Ristorante. . 1. We were greeted warmly at the door, with a smile and also some humour as within 2 seconds I'd already made his eyebrows rise 😉 . 2. We were seated at a table which had already been set for us - the hotel had warned them in advance. . 3. Much joviallity while the specials were explained (more than once cos have you ever had to get 10 Welshotters to listen all at once) . 5. Meet Franchesco. Our waiter, who very quickly clicked onto the fact I was "The Boss: . 6. Going to cut a long story short now, suffice to say we had excellent service, fantastic food and loads of laughs accompanied by lots of teasing from Franchesco of which was directed mainly me. . 7. Pudding time, and Franchesco refused to say which dessert was better than the rest - saying they were all perfect. I chose the Tiramisu saying there'd be trouble at mill if it was not spectacular. . 8. True to form, the Tiramisu followed suit of it's predecessors, A cheese and meat cutting board, and a Pumpkin and Bacon Pasta Dish, and was simply delicious - the jar almost being licked clean. . 9. Upon being asked how I liked it I said. I'm not sure if I liked it or not, I dont think it was up to much, I need another to judge. . 10. Much laughter from around the table, but a total uproar when a 2nd Tiramisu descended and I for told to try again and to see if the 2nd was any better. . 11. 10 spoons were produced and that little jar went round the table. . 12. Limoncello was then poured for all of us - free of charge . 13. Guess which Ristorante we are returning to on our last night and guess who got generous tips for being at the top of their game when it came to service. . Your customers will ALWAYS come back if you care about what you do. . People BUY People. . End Of.
  • Outlook & Perspecitve . A view from the ground is different to a view from the top floor. . The is always more than one way to look at something. . I'm on a @welshot Photographic Academy Adventure in Rome this week and we will for sure, be taking photos from all sorts of angles to get different pictures of what are, iconic locations. . It's a good way to be in business too - looking at all situations and circumstances from different angles and viewpoints. . Before acting, definitely before reacting - take time to think about the situation and ask yourself - could this be done differently. . Have a great day everyone and you know the drill. . Make It Count.
  • I'm off to Rome tomorrow with the @welshot Photographic Academy - we've prepped, we've planned, we've made an itinerary and we've got a plan. . We are also prepared to be flexible, adaptable and ready to swap, change and alter our plan according to circumstances. . One ot the things I've learnt about being in business - you have to be flexible. Have a willingness to look at a situation and make a decision. . I'm sure of one thing though - Four nights is not going to be enough! . Expect photos....! #WelshotDoesRome2019
  • “Doors” The Galicia Jewish Museum In Krakow. . Chris Schwarz was a British photo journalist and the founder and first director of the Galicia Jewish Museum. His intellectual courage, willingness to ask the most difficult questions and efforts made to answer them, brought countless people together and gave them a new understanding of Polish-Jewish history. . What you can see here is a self portrait within the installation that won the first competition for the Chris Schwartz Memorial Art Award. . The theme of the first competition entitled “Doors” is inspired by a story told by Stanislaw Aronsom, a Holocaust survivor and veteran of the polish Home Army, which serves to present the wider context of Polish-Jewish interactions during World War II . I cannot tell you how much this installation made me think, made me feel - each mirrored door had an inscription etched into the glass that gave you an insight about the lives of the people in this City during what must have been a terrifying time - no matter what side of the fence you were on. . Would you open your door to someone who needed help if you knew it would be dangerous to do so. . It’s a question I asked myself - and one I didn’t have any answers for except to tell myself. I hope I never have to find out. . There but for the grace of God go I.
  • Get Your Shit Together! . I've learned something about myself in the ten years of building the @welshot Photographic Academy - in fact, I've learned loads about myself but the biggest thing has got to be about my working preferences and what makes me tick. . One of the best things I could ever pass onto someone who is thinking about starting their own business is to be true to yourself. . Know your own motivation, your own why, your own drive, reason and need. . Yes, listen, take guidance, seek feedback but don't feel pressured to leave your path if it doesn't feel instinctively right for you. . Believe in your own judgement, trust your gut, have faith in your in-built instinct. . Some of my worst mistakes are when I've not listened to my own thoughts, feelings and instincts and I've let myself be led down a route that didn't feel quite right to me and I was unsure on how to react/cope/deal with the situation. . Talk to those you trust, those who have your back, those closest to you, those who don't have their own agenda. They will always want what is best for you and they will respect your decisions. . Remember the quote - If they matter they don't mind, if they mind, they don't matter. . Just. Be. True. To. Yourself.
  • "For what it's worth, it's never too late or, in my case, too early to be whoever's you want to be... I hope you live a life you're proud of. If you find that you're not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again." ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald. . That quote is in the opening acknowledgements of the new book I am reading - The 5AM Club by @robinsharma - Through an enchanting - and often amusing - story about two struggling strangers who meet an eccentric tycoon who becomes their secret mentor... . Getting up early is something I've never had a problem with, but since moving into our new office I've realised I'd got out of the habit and the days where starting much later than I'd like and that working from a "Home Office" doesn't really suit me at all. . What's your daily morning routine? Late starter, early riser? Must have coffee before all, or is it a cup of tea that kicks starts your day?

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