Being Authentic is “The” Best Thing To Be When Growing A Business.


Build your business by being your best authentic self – showing up as the “Real” you is the best possible way to build your business, find your tribe and attract people who LOVE what you do.

“Today you are You, that is truer than true.
There is no one alive who is Youer than You”
– Dr Seuss

I think this is one of THE most important quotes you can remember – whether you are in business or not.

It’s taken me TEN years of being in business and turning 50 to realise that I am not going to be everybodies cup of tea.

In person, in my blogs, on social media, in fact, everywhere I show up.

Being authentic to myself and to others around me is so much easier than having to pretend to be something or someone I’m not. It’s exhausting, time consuming and it’s not real or sustainable – people meeting me and spending a long period of time with me would soon see the real Lee and that’s when the problems occur.

Not everyone is going to like me, what I do, how I run Welshot Imaging – Photographic Academy with my partner or now, how I am building The Kiwi Social – and do you know what, that’s cool because that means people who do like me, us, what we do, will probably be our best members and they in turn will probably all become a community of friends.

Taking inspiration from those around me or those I follow is always going to happen, it’s the nature of the Social Media beast, and that’s how we all learn, grow and develop but could I be exactly like them, copy their style, act like them, talk like them, write like them?

No, not a cat’s chance in hell.

It wouldn’t work – at best I’d get myself (not to mention those around me who know me already) confused, at worst, I’d drive myself insane trying to be something I’m not or pretending to be someone else other than my own authentic self.


People would soon figure it out and then they’d feel cheated and yes, maybe even feel that I’m dishonest and then want to have nothing at all to do with me or my businesses.

My best advice for everyone, regardless of whether they are building a business / blog or not…

Is to…

Be Yourself. Be authentic, be real, find your own style – be YOU because that’s your very own unique super power.

Be You Because Everyone Else Is Taken.

lee x

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