Age Is But A Number – There Is Still Time…


Yesterday I turned 52!  But what I was more aware of was that I am now entering my 53rd year being on this amazing planet of ours – that’s 53 years of a lot of achievements, both good and bad and I found myself asking the question is there still time?  Is there still time, at the age of 52, to do all I want to achieve and accomplish before….

Time runs out…

I got rid of that thought almost as immediately as it arrived – quickly relegating THAT particular shoulder monkey to the back benches!  There’s no room for negative, almost morbid thoughts on your birthday right – there was fun to be had…

Yesterday I chose to spend my special day in a very different way to that of which I normally do, in fact I decided some months ago I was going to have a “Staycation” this August as we’ve got some pretty big plans for both The Welshot Photographic Academy and for The Kiwi Social and I want to spend this time creating content as well as getting organised with my own personal goals and ambitions.

One of the reasons for the monkey, were the feelings, no matter how fleeting, caused my old nemesis called Confidence – it was showing up in the form of thoughts and words being told to myself – “Lee, You are too old to do that”  “Too old to be trying new stuff”  “Too old to lose weight and get fit”  “Too old to write a book, blog, take great photos” – “Lee, people will think you are silly”

There was ONE big HUGE difference however, I didn’t listen, no, not this time was I going to let the monkey win – not this time was I going to let that voice and words get to me, to put me off.  I am so full of determination to do the things I want to do that the monkey got a great big old heave ho!

Back to yesterday – I went to the Llanberis Slate Museum – part of the Museum of Wales organisation.  Eiifon does his One to One sessions there with Welshot Members (included in the cost of the Membership to Welshot) and it really is a wonderful place to visit – full of history and atmosphere but also makes for some wonderful photography and guess what…?

I found my black typewriter – a real moment in time!

Age-Is-But-A-Number-There-Is-Still-Plenty-Of-Time-The-Kiwi-Social- Welshot-Imaging-Photographic-Academy

For anyone wondering, I put a call out on Facebook last week wanting to find one of these, I didn’t find one but I did get this from a friend and I was able to spend some time creating content – a task I am going to do much more of as I found it very relaxing, therapeutic and a form of creative mindfulness.

Age-Is-But-A-Number-There-Is-Still-Plenty-Of-Time-The-Kiwi-Social- Welshot-Imaging-Photographic-Academy

Each month I am making time to create content – words and photos – batch tasking wherever possible as well as  working on one task per day that will ensure I am working ON the business and not IN the business – same with my personal projects too – time WILL run out if I don’t keep up what I have now started – and I would really regret getting to 60 and not having done what it is I have always wanted to do.

It is hard work though, it is not just a matter of waking up one day and suddenly saying – “Today we will create content” – it is about preparation, planning and lots of organisation – and as I rely on my business partner for the photographic equipment he then has to be kept informed as well – if you know Eif, you will know about those eyebrows and how they are raised when I say such things as “It’s all in my head, she’ll be right” – nope, not good enough, for him, for me, or the success of whatever project I am working on.

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.” — Paul J. Meyer

Here’s to all those of you who are starting to change your life and do the shizzle you want to do.  I’d love to hear about what it is you are doing and what it is you’d like to accomplish.

Much love

lee x


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  1. I really enjoyed this post. I recently turned 36 and I find myself asking the same question “is there still time to accomplish everything I want to in this life”, I know that’s crazy because I am still fairly young right. I don’t know about you but I’m a Christian and a very spiritual person who believes in God, if that’s not who you are and your beliefs I hope you aren’t offended by my next comment. I believe that being alive on another birthday means God is not done with us let, there are still things in this life that he wants us to do, goals he wants us to accomplish and a purpose that he has for us to fulfill.

  2. A super blog, Lee. Ive just written a long reply, but it wiped, so I’ll just leave it at this, this time. I love “shizzle.”

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